Wordle Unlimited

How to Play Wordle

Step 1

You need 6 attempts to guess the hidden word. After each attempt, the letters of the entered word are highlighted in a certain color.

Step 2

Yellow - if the letter is in the hidden word, but is in the wrong place. Green - if the letter is in the hidden word and you correctly determined its position. Gray - if there is no such letter in the hidden word.

Step 3

Further - a matter of technology and vocabulary. Go through the letters until you guess the word. You can show off your results on social media.

What is Wordle

At the end of December 2021 and the beginning of January 2022, twitter was filled with diagrams of gray, yellow and green squares. They are accompanied by a made-up word and numbers that are incomprehensible without context. This is Wordle - a daily word game. So what are words anyway? What strategies? It's the Wordle game that has rallied a huge chunk of the internet behind the good old fashioned past. Solving puzzles. All you need for Wordle is logic, knowledge of English, and possibly a Twitter account to share your results with friends. Wordle is a game that was invented by a Briton named Josh Wardle (hence the name of the game: this is the name of the author). He wrote it for his girlfriend Palak Shah: during the 2020 lockdown, the couple got carried away with The New York Times crosswords and decided to create their own, improved version. After creating the puzzle, Josh sent it to his WhatsApp family chat, and everyone immediately liked it. In October 2021, Josh released the game online.

Wordle is a game where you have to guess just one English word of five letters. You have six tries for this. First you need to enter any word in the top line of the playing field. If at least one letter in your word matches the hidden one, then it will be highlighted in green when it is in the right place, and yellow when it is in the wrong place. If all the cells of your word remain gray, then the search word does not contain these letters at all. We try again until we guess the hidden word. There are six attempts in total. In one day you can guess only one word. When entering the correct answer, the screen will display the user's statistics on previous attempts and the time until the next word appears. It is necessary to select only existing words. Incorrect - will not be saved on the field, and the player will see a corresponding notification. This is where all restrictive rules end.

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