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Aliens are brothers in mind, representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. From the very moment a person guessed the existence of space, he made a natural conclusion that someone lives there. The very first thinkers and authors who thought about space, unrestrictedly placed aliens on the Moon, Mars, Venus or Jupiter. After the solar system was investigated and it became clear that there were no other intelligent beings besides humans in it, it became common to suspect the existence of aliens in other star systems. Whom does the cosmos really hide from man? There are many options and it all depends on the imagination and knowledge in the world of ufology. And yet there are certain concepts that characterize certain representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Some of them, one might say, are frequent guests on Earth, while others, on the contrary, never come here. You can find out what the most common types of life live in the Universe from the information below. They are incredibly entertaining and will be useful to those who are really fond of learning about extraterrestrial civilizations.

How many types of aliens are there in space? Presumably a great many. It would be naive to believe that humanity is the only race in the infinity of space. Our Universe is fraught with many mysteries. We cannot know how many aliens live in it, but we can talk about how many types of aliens are known to ufologists today and what are the features of each of them. It seems to us that Hollywood films about spaceships and aliens are just fiction that has nothing to do with reality. In fact, we see reality disguised as fantasy. Humanoids - The most common form of alien creatures reported by eyewitnesses. They are different in size, color, development of certain limbs, shapes, but still they are representatives of the same group of extraterrestrial beings. It is generally accepted that it is humanoids that are the engine of progress in extraterrestrial civilizations. They are the most intelligent creatures in the Universe and under their strict guidance they conquer the earth, build ships and develop various innovations.

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