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Today the American nation continues its formation. The descendants of immigrants from different countries have certain differences in the style and standard of living. Indians and Africans had a definite influence on the formation of the American nation. The ethnic composition of the inhabitants of the United States of America is rather heterogeneous. This affects the specifics of the names and surnames of Americans. In America, the three-term model of naming is gaining more and more popularity. So instead of one name and surname, two personal names and surname are increasingly used. In the 17th and 18th centuries, residents with an English surname usually owned only one name. In the 19th century, a three-name model appeared. People usually get the middle name in honor of famous personalities, relatives or important historical events. American names are a mixture of all kinds of origins. They have both Latin, and Germanic, and Hebrew, and Slavic, and Celtic roots, which is explained by the multinationality of the country. American names have several characteristics. When choosing a name for a child, Americans take into account its euphonious combination with a surname, as well as its meaning. Now it is fashionable in the country to assign two personal names.

The history of American names and surnames has evolved over several centuries. They can trace the traditions of many countries and peoples who moved to these places. Thanks to the large flow of immigrants, for a long time the general culture of the country developed and the names and surnames changed, acquiring new forms of sound. Many common American names have their origins in Greek, Italian, Latin, even ancient Germanic origins. In the modern world, rare names, which are obtained by reducing historical places, the surnames of famous people, even combine several names into one big one, are becoming acutely popular in America. Names in North America have different origins - English, Greek, Latin, German, etc. The first borrowings were taken from the Old Testament - the names Jacob, Benjamin, Rudy and others. Now they are rare, mainly in the southwestern states. With the arrival of European colonists in North America, the names Charlie, Lucy, Everett and others became widespread. There are also modified names that sound different in other languages. For example, Frank from Francisco, Stanley from Stanislav, and so on.

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