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Creatures like angels are found in the mythology of many peoples, and many angels, in whose existence Christians believe, are also characters in Jewish and Muslim religious texts. Mentions about them are often found in the texts of religious leaders who claimed that angels appeared to them to speak God's will, to give instruction or prophecy about the future. People don't see them. Although angels often appear on icons in human form, they can easily turn into a force of nature or an animal. There are a lot of angels (after all, every person on earth has his own guardian), so I cannot name each one (yes, probably, the church cannot either, and there is also an opinion that they are nameless). The Bible says that when an angel appears to a person, he often takes the form of a boy or a man. Sometimes he just comes up, but often the appearance of an angel is accompanied by thunder, noise, bright light. About how the direct communication of Angels with living people and the souls of the dead takes place, we learn, first of all, from the Bible. It often gives a description of the angels who appeared to people. Usually they are presented in the form of young men dressed in snow-white clothes. The iconographic tradition also corresponds to this. The wings depicted in paintings have a purely symbolic meaning. Their task is to show the swiftness of the flight of the divine spirit.

Archangel is the supreme angel, the messenger of God. In cinema and stories, three archangels are most often mentioned: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael. But if you turn to religious literature, you can find references to a larger number of Archangels. In the Orthodox Church, the Archangels with the names are most often mentioned: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Selafiel, Jehudiel, Barahiel, Jeremiel, Sikhail, Zadkiel, Samuel, Jophiel. These names are also mentioned in other religions. How do we decide who is fallen and who is not? If you follow the instructions of the Medieval Church, then the only Angels that can be considered not fallen and completely legitimate are the Archangels Raphael, Gabriel and Michael, they are most often mentioned in the Bible. You will notice that these three also appear frequently in the sacred texts of other religions. In the Sumerian legend of Inanna's descent into Hell, Michael, Gabriel and others stand guard over the gates of Hell. Those who would later be called archangels appear in Jewish myth as guardians who receive gifts from the goddess before she goes through all the circles of hell to reach the throne of her sister Ereshkigal.

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