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Sometimes we need to give a name to our child or the hero of our own work. Everyone would like a name that they liked. Anime names are generally useful to use, especially if you're writing your own fanfiction. Why is it useful? Because with rare exceptions, European fans use Japanese names in their works, which makes them unique. Surely you went to a class where three girls bore the same name? It will also be great to use the name of your favorite anime character that means something to you. As hard as it is to admit, anime scores don't always depend on the quality of the lines or animation. As is often the case, those who are most popular are at the top, and this is no different from the anime and its characters. Traditionally, beautiful Japanese names consist of several parts, which include the person's last name and personal name. This practice is very common in many Asian countries. As a rule, when writing Japanese names, kanji is used, the pronunciation of which can vary depending on the case. On this site you can find the most beautiful, in our opinion, Japanese names and their meanings.

Japanese female names are very easy to read and pronounce. As a rule, they have a clear meaning. In terms of meanings, the names of the girls here can be divided into several groups. The first includes those that reflect abstract concepts (the Japanese name Masumi means true purity). The second is made up of animal and plant forms such as Suzumi - sparrow or Sakura - cherry blossoms. The meaning of a name depends on the hieroglyphs that make it up. In addition, the pronunciation of some sounds in Japanese is fundamentally different from how they are pronounced by non-native speakers. In this regard, many phonemic errors are allowed, including in proper names. Japanese names consist of a surname and a given name, for example Kurono Kei, Nishi Juichiro, Kishimoto Kei. There is no such thing as a middle name in Japanese. When writing a first name, the surname always comes first, i.e. Juichiro is a name, although a Russian will almost certainly decide otherwise. In communicating simply by name, the Japanese rarely address each other, even if people are in very close, informal relationships - lovers, family members, very close friends, including in an informal setting. For the Japanese, a name is a very personal, intimate thing.

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