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The choice of a name for a newborn can affect his entire fate, many parents are sure. And it cannot be said that this opinion is completely unfounded. The name really defines a lot in our life. At all times, male names for a child were chosen especially carefully, because the heir continues the lineage and passes the patronymic to his future children. They paid attention to the fact that the boy's name was beautiful and rare or, on the contrary, popular, as well as his euphony. Naming traditions have changed several times. In the days of paganism, the name was given not to a newborn baby, but practically to a teenager, focusing on the characteristics of an older child. After the baptism, the baby was called with an eye on the month, which indicated the names of the saints revered on the boy's birthday or baptism.

Choosing a name for a newborn baby is not an easy task for moms and dads. So I want the future name of the child to have a beneficial effect on the fate of the baby, to help him through life, so that the name of the child does not bring inconvenience. Today in the arsenal of parents there is a huge number of names for boys, from Orthodox to modern and very unusual. How to name a boy is up to you and your beloved spouse, but of course it is better to first read a little information about the meaning of the boy's name in order to choose the right one. It is not so easy to choose a beautiful name for a boy, especially when the goal is to choose not only a beautiful, but also a significant, rare name with good energy. But all parents set different goals for themselves. Someone is looking for beautiful names for boys, someone wants to find a rare national name, and for someone it is important that the name reflects the traditions of the family or clan. There are many options, and sometimes, choosing what you need is not so easy.

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