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The magic-infused humanoid race is a bond between the Altmer and the Nedians (ancestors of the Imperials). They are passionate and highly intelligent. There are many bards and scholars among them. This also applies to ordinary peasants. High Rock, the birthplace of the Bretons, has become a haven for many talented magicians from other provinces. Despite the fact that the ancestors of the Bretons are elves, they are ranked among the human race. Because elven slaveholders were more civilized than their counterparts in other lands. In Altmer society, there were popular harems of beautiful nedas. From these entertainments, a large number of half-breeds were born - the Manmer. Over time, the bastards received a special place in society and they were called Bretons. But these were not yet those magically-savvy and educated magicians and sorcerers. In stature, they are the tallest of the human races and not nearly as muscular as the Imperials or Nords. For many centuries, the picturesque mountains and hills of High Rock have been inhabited by a people who are otherwise known as the Bretons in Tamriel.

It is believed that the Bretons, descending from the ancient Nedian tribes and the Direnni high elves, are a motley crowd of peasants, poets, savages and self-proclaimed nobles who are only busy with endless disputes and the struggle for power over one of the many plots of land. And this opinion, it is worth noting, is not far from the truth. The High Rock peoples, called Bretons for simplicity, are really not inclined to classify themselves as a single people, and all sorts of local conflicts have long become commonplace for them. The Bretons (or Bretons) are descended from a mixture of the Aldmeri and Ned (or Aldmeri and Atmorans) race as early as the First Era, and that is why they have been given the nickname of Tamriel's half-breed. The purity of elven blood in the veins of the Bretons has been severely tainted by the ancient Nords who once lived in Skyrim and High Rock. Representatives of this race are often called manmers, which literally translates as man-mer. Despite the fact that the appearance of the Bretons is little inherited from the elves, they have a genetic attachment to magic. Physiologically, the Bretons went to their ancestors from Atmora: they have pale skin, they have a constitution similar to the imperial or Nordic, but they also have thin, sharp features of elves, pointed ears. The elven arrogance they inherited is also worth noting.

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