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A lot of attention on the Internet in any article devoted to the study of the English language is given to issues of culture, traditions of England and America. However, there is a question that is important to raise when starting to study a foreign language, although attention is paid to it extremely rarely. We are talking about English names - you must admit that a person's name can tell a lot of interesting things. And this topic is important not only for native speakers of English, but also for you and me - it is no coincidence that a large number of requests came precisely with a request to cover this topic in our training blog. Studying English, at some point we begin to strive to learn the culture and life of English-speaking countries. And the topic of English names and surnames will be very interesting in this context.

In Britain, it is customary to give names to your children in the same way as in England. This is a mandatory first name, a middle name at the request of the parents and a surname, which can be absolutely any. In Wales or Ireland, it is customary to call children with beautiful long sonorous names, for example, Benjamin, and then abbreviate them in everyday life, for example, to Ben. This can be explained by the fact that tradition and history are highly valued in Britain. Great importance is attached to what the name itself means and what significance it has for the genus. It is customary to write abbreviated British names as follows: the first name is complete, only the first capital letter remains from the second, followed by the surname. The names of the British are so diverse that some newspapers publish annual lists of the most common and new names.

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