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Why do you may need a Chinese name

In a Chinese full name, the surname is written first, and only after it is the personal name. Usually Chinese people have names consisting of one or two syllables, which are written after the surname. There is a rule that a Chinese name must be translatable into Mandarin. In connection with the hieroglyphic writing, when choosing a personal name, not only aspects such as meaning and euphony are taken into account, but also the writing of the hieroglyphs that make up the syllables of the name. Not only the simplicity / complexity / beauty of writing can be taken into account, but also the elements that make up these hieroglyphs, which have their own interpretation (favorable / unfavorable, male / female, associated with a certain element, etc.). Choosing a name in China is a serious process. Chinese names are composed of several names for one person. At the beginning of the full name, a gender sign is written - a traditional sign passed from generation to generation. This is followed by a personal name.

The Chinese are the largest nation on earth. Developing for many centuries far from the outside world, Chinese culture differs from the culture of the Russian people or the European. This also affected the choice of the name. By giving a child a name, the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom bring meaning into it, since each name has its own meaning. Euphony and beautiful meaning are one of the main factors when choosing a name in China. It is a very interesting fact that every Chinese person throughout his life has the right to change him. China is the most populous country on Earth. The culture that develops in China is multifaceted and great, since the cultures of Asian peoples are different from the cultures of European peoples.

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