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Why do you may need a Country name

Most countries in the world have one of four things in common. According to reference books, there are 251 countries on our planet: recognized, unrecognized, dependent and free, virtual and real, a small territory and a superpower. And each of them once got its name. But where did it come from? Choosing a name for a non-existent country is a responsible business. It should be euphonic, memorable and, most importantly, correspond to the spirit of the country. That is why one and the same problem arises both for a young storyteller and for a mature writer, and, moreover, for a teacher who conducts an open lesson or quiz. All of them are trying to figure out on what basis to choose a name for a country that is not on the map? Many have come across a situation where a world or a city (for example, for a story) has already been invented, but the name does not come to mind.

As a rule, we do not think about the origin of country names, taking them for granted. Long and short, simple and complex, beautiful and not so beautiful, each of them refers to a particular naming technique. When creating a country, island or even a city, the author can think over everything: economic relations, basic laws, the myth of the creation of a given piece of land, light industry and tons of other information that is important for the development of not only the main, but also the secondary line. However, one way or another, the author faces a difficult task: to come up with a name for his piece of land. At first glance, the task is not easy, however, with a detailed consideration of some factors, we can conclude that this is not such a colossal work.

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