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Nicknames, nicknames or pseudonyms were popular with two groups of non-Indians in the Wild West. Those who needed a big name for self-promotion and for those who considered themselves not like everyone else and wanted to stand out from the gray crowd of Mr. Smith and other Johnson, Miller and Williams. Someone himself insisted that a nickname be added to his name, but to someone it stuck by itself and its owner was proud of such an assessment of the public. Most of the famous nicknames of the Wild West are easy to explain and can be grouped and systematized. The cowboy is one of the most familiar figures in the US Wild West. In films, on television, and in novels, they seem to lead an exciting life full of adventure. However, real cowboys spent most of their time doing hard, dirty and often boring jobs.

Adults and children enjoy watching American films in which the heroes of the desert - cowboys - skillfully and deftly fight injustice. Cowboys, judging by the films and books, appear before us as brave and dexterous guys who love to live in the saddle and graze cattle. A cowboy is a man whose activities are comparable to that of a shepherd. Since we are discussing the American profession, it is worth mentioning that this term comes from the Wild West. It was Western cinema that made real heroes out of ordinary shepherds. The history of cowboys began after the American Civil War between 1861 and 1865. At this time, the North and the South were at war. The result was the devastation and ruin of many strong farms, the owners of which were forced to sell their property and either change their profession and place of residence or hire more successful neighbors.

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