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Night City is home to a huge number of people, among whom you can find many outstanding personalities. Some will surprise you with their charisma or intelligence, while others will pose a serious danger to the protagonist. During the passage of the game, you can stumble upon quite strong enemies, which are called cyber psychics. Cyberpunk 2077 is a game full of incredible characters. This is directly related to some of the personalities that can be found in Night City. The main city of the game, along with its wonders, atmosphere and diversity, is also one of the most dangerous places on the planet. The city and its outskirts are teeming with mercenaries, gangs, cyber-psychopaths and corpses with powerful augmentations that they use without a doubt. Players will meet with most of these groups, or take their place.

Among the technical elements characteristic of cyberpunk are total computerization, artificial intelligence, the active development of cybernetics, robotics and human cyborgization, bioengineering and eugenics are on the rise, the development of near-earth space is taking place; in the social aspect, cyberpunk is characterized by features of dystopia and post-apocalypse: colossal class inequality, the decline of the culture of society as a whole against the background of technological progress and the power of the elite - mega-corporations and world capital, the rampant cyber crime and hackers, the activity of criminal syndicates and mafiosi of all stripes, flourishing black market with all that it implies; and all this against the background of an environmental crisis, gradual climatic changes and disasters, local and global military conflicts.

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