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Why do you may need a Discord name

Discord is a free program that lets you chat with friends using simple text messages and voice calls. The entire functionality of the messenger is tailored for people who like to play computer games in a team. If necessary, you can even arrange a video conference. You can run it on any operating system of a computer, laptop, phone or tablet. There is also a separate web version that runs in the browser. It is used by quite a few users around the world and their number is constantly growing. These are students of various universities, and many gamers, and corporate employees. The software is incredibly popular in all areas. The need for telecommuting and communicating with colleagues has increased dramatically in connection with the emerging pandemic. Many companies have re-profiled to work remotely, in connection with which the search for programs for corporate communication has become an urgent issue. One of these services is Discord - what kind of platform it is and what its capabilities are, read below.

The main difference between Discord and other messengers such as Telegram, Viber and others is that the function of servers and chats / rooms is implemented here as conveniently as possible for the user. You can create a separate server of interest with many chats inside, some text, some voice. Each chat can also be on a separate topic. In them, you can set various access rights, exchange files, all participants can be seen at once. About 2 million users from all over the world connect to the Discord system every month. In Discord, users can create both entire servers for communication, and separate channels, gathering there only with friends and discussing all polls of interest, and not only gaming ones. The expediency of communicating with friends and family is explained by the emergence of a pandemic in the world. Most of the companies quickly converted to teleworking, which is why employers have an acute question about finding the right software.

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