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Why do you may need a Dog name

The choice of a nickname for a pet is a very pleasant and exciting experience, which greatly expands the horizons of the owner and his family members. The name of a pet can come from a human name or represent a noble title of nobility, be an adjective that determines the main character trait, size or color of the animal. When a puppy appears in the house, he wants to give him a cool, original and fashionable name. But how to understand the correctness of the choice? Reflect the dog's behavior, breed, color or other traits? Such a nickname, easily pronounced and sonorous, is often invented in a family together, connecting the imagination and various kinds of generators. The animal remembers the name by 3-4 months, but you need to learn it from the first day, so the choice of a nickname is an urgent matter. The best selection method is the first association, but if the moment is lost, you will have to turn to dictionaries.

Choosing a name for a dog is just as important as choosing a name for a human cub. Nicknames for dogs of boys and girls, both rare and the most beautiful and popular, do not always have a positive effect on the pet itself. Like human names, dog names also have meaning, energy, and more. In order not to miscalculate, you can follow the advice of dog handlers: The name of the pet should not be angry, growling, associate the dog with a command or aggression; The shorter the better, dogs only remember the first 4 letters; The stress should fall on the first or second syllable to make it easier to shout the nickname on the street; It is great if the name reflects the character, appearance or habits of the pet; It is better to choose a non-standard name so as not to be confused with other animals and owners while walking.

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