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The Elder Scrolls series is the epitome of tradition. Years go by, but the game, in fact, does not change, remaining the same best in the world simulator of adventures and exploits among virtual forests, fields and rivers. And one of its traditions says that for each new series (at least starting with Morrowind), the developers release two story additions, one of which invites players to explore a completely new, separate location. This was the case with Bloodmoon, the Shivering Isles, and now it is with Dragonborn. A new addon for the fifth part of the series sends us from snowy Skyrim to ash-gray Solstheim, on a date with our childhood. Well, or youth. Dragonborn, as their name suggests, dragonborn walk proudly with their heads raised through a world that greets them with fear and confusion. Formed by the dragon gods or the dragons themselves, the dragonborn originally hatched from dragon eggs as a new race combining the best qualities of dragons and humanoids. Some dragonborn are loyal servants of true dragons, others form the ranks of soldiers in great wars, and some seek their destiny without finding a calling.

Dragonborn are a race introduced in D&D 4, dragon-like humanoids. They have no obvious mythical or literary prototype. The idea of a dragon-like race has repeatedly appeared in various D&D products (and other fantasy systems), but in no D&D edition until the fourth was it included in the basic rules as a choice available to player characters. Dragonborn are tall, sturdily built humanoids with a distinctive dragon head, but a generally human-like body (albeit more powerful in build). An adult dragon-born reaches about two meters in height and weighs 135-140 kg. The skin of a dragonborn is covered in scales that can be scarlet, gold, red, ocher, bronze, or brown. For the most part, the scales are small, but on the head, the back of the hands and in the lower part of the legs, the scales grow to significant sizes. Dragonborn eyes can be of any shade of gold or red. Dragonborn have no hair; instead, they have long, flexible scales on the back of their heads. The hands of dragon-blooded four-fingered, the fingers end in short claws, similar to long dense nails.

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