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Elves were divided tens of thousands of years ago; those who were benevolent in character opposed those who were selfish and cruel. The war between the elves ended when the good elves drove their malevolent relatives into the depths of the underground. Here, in caves without light, in endless labyrinths of winding passages, the dark elves - drow - found refuge. They also introduced an elven goddess who did not abandon them. By her order, the dark elves have built an entire empire in the Underdark. In the bestiaries of the RPG system, there is a gloomy (or black) alf, named draw - black and white-haired, living in underground communities and characterized by chaotic behavior. Once the black elves were ordinary elves, but in the conflict of the Forces they chose Chaos and Evil, demonstrating - Tolkien makes a curtsy - less temper than Galadriel - The defeated drow left - literally - underground - that is, in a dungeon, they do not tolerate sunlight, and light-loving creatures hate and abuse them at every opportunity.

Drow are a fallen race of dark elves whose beauty and grace cannot hide their hearts full of evil. The inhabitants of the surface know nothing about the drow, except for widespread superstitions and rumors: power belongs to the female priestesses of the Spider Queen, men are oppressed and little different from slaves, the drow world is saturated with magic. For most of the inhabitants of the sublunary world, this information is enough, but while these stereotypes are true, they affect only a tiny fraction of the life of dark elves. In fact, relationships in drow society are much more confusing than those in the typical human family. This is due to the drow's lifespan, fertility, and other living conditions in the Underdark, which are strikingly different from anything surface dwellers are accustomed to. The drow are a powerful and arrogant black race that inhabit the cities of the Underdark. These people are notorious for their cruelty, treachery and internecine wars.

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