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Today around the world there are societies of followers of the Druids, numbering several million people. But the paradox is that the original representatives of this mysterious culture disappeared without a trace from the face of the earth many centuries ago, leaving no written source of their magical knowledge to their descendants. Nowadays, people who call themselves druids are trying to reconstruct an ancient cult, listen to trees and stones, explore sacred places and structures, the most famous of which is Stonehenge. But often they do not understand well who their idols really were. As nature keepers seeking to maintain balance and protect life, druids have unrivaled versatility on the battlefield. This is partly due to the fact that druidism is more than just a combat discipline. This is a way of life, saturated with traditions so ancient that even the origin of their kind is preserved mainly in mythology, transmitted for millennia.

Druids harness the pure energy of nature for an incredible breadth of offensive and defensive abilities, as well as to heal the wounded. Through communication with nature and the demigod Cenarius, the lord of the forest, druids are endowed with the gift of reincarnation, allowing them to take the form of all kinds of natural creatures and gain access to a variety of powers and capabilities. So a druid is a Celtic ritual expert. Celts lived in the territory of modern Britain, France (then it was called Gaul) and in some other parts of Europe during the Iron Age and, possibly, at the beginning of the Bronze Age. The sorcerers considered the forest to be a holy place, where a conditional portal opens for communication with unearthly creatures. The priests treated trees like living beings, endowing them with soul and even character. They argued that each tree, like a person, has its own specific traits, advantages and disadvantages. Each requires certain living conditions. The druids also had their favorite plant - mistletoe. It was used in healing, and in predictions, and in administrative affairs, and in the rituals of sacrifice, so they prepared for the collection of mistletoe in advance. The priests believed that mistletoe potions would neutralize any known poison. By the way, love for this magical plant has survived to this day; Europeans decorate their homes with wreaths of mistletoe leaves for Christmas.

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