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Their home province is Morrowind, but they are known throughout the empire as the Black Elves. Black in this sense is understood as dark-skinned, gloomy and unwanted by fate. The dark-skinned, red-eyed Dunmer, who combine a powerful mind with a strong and agile body, make amazing warriors and wizards. On the battlefield, they are known for the quality and harmonious combination of swordsmen, marksmen and warrior mages. To their liking - they are cruel, phlegmant and restrained. They behave arrogantly with all other races - namely, the Khajiit and Argonians, who are taken into slavery. They possess protection from fire and can summon the spirits of the ancestors for their help. The Dunmer are also known as the dark elves, they inhabit mainly Morrowind, a huge part of which is located on active volcanoes. Dunmer are reclusive by nature, they do not like foreigners and stand up for their identity. At the same time, differences in culture are observed even within Dunmer society.

The Dunmer are a race of elves cursed by the Azura who inhabit what is now Morrowind and the island of Solstheim. The Danemer are sometimes called dark elves for their ashen skin color and red eyes. They are taller than the Bosmer, however, they are far from the High Elves. The Dunmer are focused on high intelligence and strength, so they can be both excellent fighters and excellent magicians. Despite the fact that the Almeri live longer than others, the largest number of famous centenarians belongs to the Dunmer race. For example, Fathis Aren, the archmage of the College of Winterhold was killed when he was over 1300 years old, Divight Fear lived much longer than him. And Queen Barenziah, not a practitioner of magical arts, lived more than five hundred.

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