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Gnomes are skilled mechanics and engineers, they love to make complex devices, which often leads to various levels of destruction. Sometimes gnomes associate their lives with magic, which, however, does not prevent their names from sounding as if you shook a bucket of nuts and bolts. Dwarf or dwarf. A humanoid creature, characterized by a small growth of about 120-135 centimeters, with a dense physique, a disproportionately large head and weighing more than 100 kg. Apparently all gnomes wear beards, perhaps even women. Physically, he is stronger than man, and this power is supported by traditional crafts: mining and blacksmithing. The sound of the khazalids is not very similar to human speech and is very different from the melodic elvish. It can be compared to thunderclaps. All gnomes have very low, resonant voices, and they speak louder than necessary. This can give the impression that the gnomes are noisy and hot-tempered - which mostly reflects the gnome nature.

In European medieval mythology, different peoples have creatures living in the mountains, in caves, underground which are also called gmurs and homozuli. These are the great master blacksmiths who know the secrets of the mountains. They were the first to learn how to mine ore and smelt metals. In general, they are a kind and working people, but they have suffered greatly from human greed, therefore they do not like people. They hide in deep mountain caves, where they built underground cities and palaces. Sometimes they come to the surface, and if they meet a person in the mountains, they scare him with a loud cry. The endless hum of industriousness is heard where the close-knit societies of the dwarfs live. The rumble pierces and sounds louder: here and there there is a grinding of gears, echoes of an explosion, exclamations of surprise or triumph, and, especially often - ringing laughter. Dwarves delight in life, every moment enjoying a new invention, discovery, exploration, creation or prank.

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