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Names are a complex and multifaceted topic that is subject to constant research. Modern scientists constantly argue about the meanings of names, class affiliation, and what impact they have on human life and destiny. And all is well, but not every name can mean something mysterious. The noble and sonorous English names we know from novels and news are not as simple as they seem at first glance. Very often the British use their names in a diminutive form. This form is used in business negotiations, and can even be written down in an official document. For example, Michael in a diminutive form is used as Mickey. If we talk about names in the United States and Great Britain, then they consist of a personal name (personal name, first name, given name) and a surname (surname, last name, family name). The personal name is given at birth, and the surname is inherited as a common name for the family. The child can be given a middle or middle name. This is an optional name element.

A middle name can be given in honor of a saint, relative, family friend, famous person, etc. In writing, the middle name is usually omitted or shortened to an initial. In England and America, as in other English-speaking countries, a child is given two names at birth: a personal name (first name) and a middle name (middle name). The middle name in modern England serves as an auxiliary function for men and women who have common names and surnames - this makes them easier to distinguish. In English-speaking countries, the first name is placed before the last name, which corresponds to the Western naming scheme. Although in some cases, for example, in telephone directories and some legal documents, the order is reversed - first the surname, then the first name.

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