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Why do you may need an Evil name

Hero names have always been an important part of writing for me. Sometimes names appear instantly, by themselves, but more often I spend a lot of time trying to find the right one. But if there are no restrictions with the names of positive characters, then with the names of villains it is more difficult. The terrifying villain is called in a villainous way, and the terrifying antihero will also have such a name, from the very sound of which the villains will be frightened. Note that the scary name is not a nickname. If a character has received a fearsome nickname for the fact of his deeds, or has taken an ominous dark name for himself, this does not count. He should be called that by the passport. A game with a trope: if such a name is specially given by the author to lead the reader on a false track, or is given to a rather weak character for comic purposes for the sake of baphos.

Mysticism is an interesting thing. You can believe in it or not believe in it, notice it at every step or not see a little mysterious even in the most unusual things. Nevertheless, it is on everyone's lips. Let's say demons. Although the realists laugh, they still know what it is. And into the darkness of the night, when unnecessary thoughts creep into my head, willy-nilly, too, will think: maybe they really exist? Finding a list of the demons of hell with a photo, of course, will not work - and it will not prove anything, but nevertheless, it is sometimes very useful to inquire. Another good source of names for the Goths is literature and film. Classical literature, tragedies, vampire novels, cult horror films for the ready, etc.

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