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Fairies - in Celtic and Germanic folklore - women possessing magical knowledge and strength, fabulous sorceresses. In mythology, there are two types of fairies. Some Fairies are tiny girls with wings, nature spirits. Others are women - sorceresses with magical knowledge. Fairies are spirits of nature who become the wives of ordinary men. They are found in Moldovan, Romanian, Russian and Asian countries. Fairies are plant spirits. They are found in Korea, China and Italy. They are also suitable for family life, the main thing is to show hard work yourself. Fairies-beauties and fairies-old women, giving magical gifts. Most often they can be found in European countries. To receive gifts, you must either be born into a royal family or work by the sweat of your brow and do your best to show goodness to elderly women. Fairies are a small people. These fairies are most often described in the English and Irish hills, capricious in nature, they can bother people, or they can punish for some, in our opinion, an insignificant offense.

Floral names have not lost their popularity. This is how our grandmothers and great-grandmothers called their daughters. And each new generation of parents picks up the tradition of calling girls beautiful names, comparing them to flowers. Forests come to life in spring and forest fairies wake up from a long winter sleep. Do they really exist? Nobody knows the exact answer to this question. But we all invariably want to believe in a miracle. At various times, there were even photographs of live people and fairies. However, they were all recognized as falsifications. Though maybe fairies just don't like posing. There are people who believe in the existence of Fairies, and there are those who do not believe in it at all. This is due to the fact that Fay is seen mainly by children whose Soul and heart are still open. And it is no coincidence that in all fairy tales and films, Fairies are in contact mainly with children.

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