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Why do you may need a Fantasy City name

On the one hand, I understand that no one limits my imagination, but when it comes to the fact that I need to come up with my own, original name for the city, I fall into a stupor, then into a panic, and then, without these original names, fantasy disappears, behind it plot and inspiration follow. Fantasy allows us to plunge into the most diverse and incredible worlds. And sometimes the scene turns out to be no less interesting and memorable than the plots and heroes of the books. A striking example of this is the cities that have become real symbols of the books in which their events take place. Each author will write a book with his own names of localities. But how to come up with the name of the city for the book so that it is harmonious and unusual at the same time? Just apply your imagination and simple recommendations.

Fantasy is a fairy tale. This means that you should have something magical, unusual. So that the reader can immediately plunge into the world of fantasy. Often in the fantasy genre, you can find books in which cities - and often a particular city - are important both for the plot and for the world as a whole. Large capitals, impregnable fortresses or settlements hidden from outsiders. Fictional city name generator. The names don't always come out well. If this happens, you can always generate new ones. Like all creative generators, the service is only trying to give you an idea, which you will have to develop yourself.

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