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Why do you may need a Fantasy Country name

Fictional countries are places of action in a literary work or film that have never existed in the real world. You can also use this in your games by giving similarly named toponyms a completely different origin story. People often imagined their dream of an ideal society as a separate country that had realized all the brightest dreams of mankind. In different eras and in different cultures, there have been legends about beautiful lost countries. For the sake of searching for this bright dream, many spent years of their lives and multimillion-dollar fortunes, and we are talking about serious researchers and not so distant times (the last expeditions to search for Shambhala, for example, were organized in the XX century).

If a magical country is tropical, if it is full of mysteries and secrets, and its inhabitants are more reminiscent of the South American Indians of the pre-Columbian era, nomads or cannibals, then you will have to rummage in scientific and historical books, collections of myths and legends. It is there that you can find a rare and melodic name for our ear. As a last resort, you can change the existing name of a city, country or some point of interest. The brighter and more original the fabulous country will be, the easier it is to choose a name for it. Fictional countries in myths, as a rule, are associated with the cosmogonic ideas of the peoples of antiquity. The country was thought of as the seat of a deity or mythical kings, as the center of the model of the cosmos.

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