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A kingdom is a kind of monarchy: a state headed by a monarch who has the title of king. From the first centuries of the Middle Ages, the kingdoms were France, Germany, England, a number of states on the territory of Spain, a little later - Denmark, Sweden, Norway. Of the modern states, kingdoms are, for example, Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, Jordan, Saudi Arabia. An empire is almost always an evil state. In terms of ideas, it is often the opposite of a federation, often differing precisely in terms of social and social structure. And if we still have the same system, but on the side of the beaver in terms of worldview, then usually it will be a kingdom. Most likely, such a kingdom will also have a princess. Of course, she is beautiful, sweet, smart, and also the hero's love interest. Unless, of course, the protagonist himself is the heir to the throne or a young ruler (very likely deprived of his legitimate throne) - in this case, he will either find a princess in another state, choose a poor noblewoman like Cinderella, or even a commoner. Yes, all of these are often kingdom-related plot moves.

The kingdom is an exclusively Western European phenomenon, which is usually identified with the Catholic faith. Until 1533, the title of kings was granted by the Pope. It is for this reason that, as a rule, there were no kings among the Slavs and states of the East. These worlds, created exclusively by the imagination of their authors, turned out to be so beautiful and interesting that many would like them to exist in reality. Unfortunately, only a virtual tour is possible. It is not difficult to come up with a sound combination and even bring a logical base under it. but here it is important to know on what principles societies are built, what gods are worshiped, what is life, mythology, heraldry, the magic of a given world and a particular kingdom.

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