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Why do you may need a Fantasy Human name

Fantasy and science fiction have long been the source of unique, quirky and creative names. We have compiled a list of sci-fi and fantasy names for boys and girls - the names of fantasy characters. The mythical essence of ancient names indicates the life purpose of a person who bears a similar name. Mythical names predetermine the goal and path of a person in advance. If you suddenly decide to choose the name of a mythical hero for a child, first find out the essence of the myth itself, and also try to calculate its future features with the help of horoscopes. If a child is destined to be calm and balanced in life, you should not call him the name of the hero of the destroyer or the god of war - this can only harm him in later life.

Fantasy names and fantasy names are the names of the heroes of science fiction novels (fantasy). Popular science fiction heroes are a new source for names. Authors of science fiction novels and fantasy for the main characters, as a rule, do not choose classic names, but come up with new ones - unusual, exotic. Recently, more and more people are fleeing from reality to the fantastic and virtual world, created by their own or someone else's imagination. This is reflected in the art of imitation. Some people began to give children fantasy names (names of fantastic heroes). If you are looking for a fantastic or sci-fi name for a child, a pseudonym, or maybe writing a fantasy novel, then the information on this page can probably help you.

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