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Castles are perhaps one of the earliest elements of the fantasy genre. Large and small, impregnable and open, gloomy and light - what military fortifications were not found on the pages of books. They are an excellent background for futuristic sci-fi films, they amaze us with gothic, austere, or, on the contrary, elegance, lightness, minimalism. But they always have bizarre buildings with many, many floors, structures of unknown purpose, bridges, ceilings, wonderful advertising. They are the most beautiful cities in science fiction films. The fictional metropolis is the heart of virtually every fantasy universe. Today we will try to find the best place to live in the world of science fiction - a city that never sleeps well.

But there are cities that hide from the gaze of reality far beyond the bounds of time and space; cities created not by people, but by exuberant imagination. They are not on the route of any bus, not a single plane will reach their airports, and not even a time machine will reach their freeways. Since the dawn of fiction, writers have loved to create their own cities. This was done by Plato, Jonathan Swift, Italo Calvino, Angela Carter - they all had a hand in creating fictional cities. And Stephen King, in his advanced years, is expanding the legacy of the quiet town of Castle Rock, which is at the epicenter of his universe of horror. Some cities, such as Gotham City, have become masterpieces of the creative mood. Others - like London in Orwell's 1984 - give us an outside perspective on our own twisted and tangled world. Twin Peaks is a provincial Washington state town home to Twin Peaks and David Lynch's Twin Peaks: Fire Through.

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