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Why do you may need a Fantasy World name

Science fiction or fantasy games, books and films have always been very popular. With the help of them, people can travel to other worlds and universes, falling out of their usual life and routine. Invented worlds differ in originality, thoughtfulness of details, scale and history. These worlds, created exclusively by the imagination of their authors, turned out to be so beautiful and interesting that many would like them to exist in reality. Unfortunately, only a virtual tour is possible. Traveling to different worlds, other universes and parallel dimensions is very easy. It is enough to open the book and plunge into reading - and now we fall out of everyday routine to save Middle-earth together with brave hobbits, fight for power in Westeros, or even (well, why not?) Frolic in Equestria with little ponies. There are many worlds, and everyone can make a pilgrimage to the universe that is closer to him.

Most fantasy books send the reader to another world - where there is magic, elves or gnomes, where you need to fight with swords and kill dragons. Well, or be friends with them. The world, similar to medieval England with an admixture of magic, the addition of fabulous races and creatures, has long become a classic of the genre. But many have gone further. They created entire worlds, with their own geography, development history, countries and even a system of political structure.

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