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Why do you may need a Farm name

A name for an organization can be compared to a person's name. It becomes fateful, reveals personality traits and distinguishes among the crowd. Any company also has its own character and characteristics. A good name reflects the value of the company and its products in the minds of customers. Few know that an island in the Caribbean known as Paradise did not attract tourists until it was called Pig. The gooseberry from China became popular in the United States after it turned into a kiwi. The name should be understandable to people who have no idea about the specifics of the farm. Then the name will be remembered and the buyers will buy the products again and tell their friends about it. To make the right choice, you need to look at the farm through the eyes of a city dweller.

Talk to city dwellers to find out what associations they have when they mention the farm. Write down the words they say. Add these words to the general list. Find out which cities and countries are growing the same crops as the farm. You don't have to go to encyclopedias. It is enough to look at the products of competitors. Add to the list the cities and countries popular with buyers, from where the products are brought. Write down words that indicate when the produce is delivered from the farm. If you supply customers all year round, add relevant phrases to the list. As a result, the list may contain several dozen words. You are now ready to choose a good name. Get some privacy so there are no distractions. You need inspiration, and for this you need to focus on the problem being solved, immerse yourself in it.

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