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At the dawn of the fantasy genre, the main characters of the books were mostly men. Female characters, at best, fade into the background, or even were completely present in the plot only as almost helpless friends and beloved protagonists who had to be rescued on a regular basis. There were exceptions, but extremely rare. Now times have changed, and modern fantasy is rich in charismatic, ambitious and strong heroines who, along with men, overcome incredible difficulties and achieve their goal. Therefore, you need to carefully study the history of the characters and make a choice, starting not only from an interesting sound or attractive meaning, but also the energetic meaning that the chosen name will bring to life.

Poor fantasy writers! For each of their science fiction novels, they have to invent a couple of dozen similar names and other names - for cities, states, mountains and rivers. So maybe this script - a generator of names and titles - will help them in this difficult work? Fantasy names are the names of the heroes of science fiction novels (fantasy). Popular science fiction heroes are a new source for names. Authors of science fiction novels and fantasy for the main characters, as a rule, do not choose classic names, but come up with new ones - unusual, exotic. Recently, more and more people are fleeing from reality to the fantastic and virtual world, created by their own or someone else's imagination. Some began to give children fantasy names. If you are looking for a fantasy or sci-fi name, nickname or nickname, then you have come to the right place.

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