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The history of the origin of French names, as well as in many other Catholic countries, is associated with the names of Catholic saints. Translated taking into account the peculiarities of their language, French names not only sound with a certain charm in their many variations, but are also a kind of guardians for their speakers, since they belong to patron saints. The importance of French names is that they are very attractive, melodic in sound, and beautiful. French is also the language of romantic relationships, it originated from Latin and the language of the Roman Empire. The language of love began its journey from France and took root in Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. Today, it is spoken in forty-one countries. There it is considered a native or alternative language. This makes French one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

The French are deeply religious Catholics, they like to call their children more than one name at once, which ensures the protection of the baby throughout his life from several saints at once. The one who named the child with a double and triple name, which is spelled with a hyphen, is considered officially that they named the child by one name. For example, Marie-Antoinette, Jean-Claude and others. The naming system adopted in France is in many ways similar to the European one. Usually a Frenchman has one or more personal names and surnames. Traditionally, most people get their names from the Roman Catholic calendar of saints. French law allows a person to have multiple personal names. Only one of them (usually the first) is used in everyday practice, the rest - only in official documents, such as birth, death and marriage certificates. Addressing only by name is considered impolite. It is only valid for family members or close friends.

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