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Why do you may need a Game name

The name is the face of the game, it should convey its basic idea. Use one to three words in the title. Three-word names, by the way, have a special magic, which I will discuss below. Avoid abbreviations, but if you still want to use one word in the title, choose a sufficiently capacious one, or come up with a new one. The use of the words Fun, Game and so on in the title is cliché, vulgarity and a waste of precious symbols. The only reason to use the word Game in a title is to differentiate your product from others in the same category. Do not share more than one word in a title with your competitors. If you see that there are already a certain number of Fruit Slicers in the store, look for a worthy replacement for one of the words. When checking the possible name, pay attention not only to the category in which you are going to place your product. As you work on the title, pretend your user's reading level is no higher than third grade. No one will be able to read the word Agathokakological, and instead of clicking on Install, a person will twist his finger at his temple and go looking for a game with a sane name.

The name is an important factor in the ranking of the application and, along with the icon, the main way to attract the attention of users. About half of App Store and Google Play users use search when looking for a new app. What are users looking for? Often, when searching, either general phrases that match the headings of categories are used - for example, puzzles, or keywords that correspond to the interests of users (up to 80% of the total number of searches). And demand, as you know, gives rise to supply. First of all, the name is an identifier and a kind of litmus test of the project. Seeing it somewhere in the vastness of the network, the user will either be interested and continue to study the project or move on, forgetting about it forever.

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