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When creating nicknames for esports, you should not chase popular nicknames and try to create copies of them and the like. Any player knows that a nickname for an MMORPG must be original. But how do you come up with a nickname that will reflect the character of the user if you have so few characters for this? We suggest you choose a nickname for the game. In any product of the gaming industry, be it a multiplayer shooter or a single player role-playing game, players are faced with the task of choosing a name. For a long time, it has been customary to use not a real name, but a fictitious pseudonym. In order not to invent a nickname for ourselves for a long time, our site has prepared nicknames for games of different stripes and genres. The extensive list contains nicknames for both girls and guys, with each nickname stylized and unique to keep your name special even in the most popular games like world of tanks or minecraft.

Choose for which game you are looking for a nickname, in Russian or English, beautiful or ordinary. Agree that today being an advanced Internet user and not having a nickname is the same as going to school or university without a name and without a name, or even being among people. And then what do you do on the Internet? Who will you be there? How will other users turn to you, how then generally communicate on the network? Do you need to immediately get hold of a cool and original nickname or do you need a vector direction for reflection? In the first case, everything is quite simple - open the list of top nicknames and copy them to the game settings. It is done. But with the second case it will be much more interesting. To come up with exactly what you want to see for many hours of the game, you should spend at least 5-10 minutes thinking.

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