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Our world is full of crime. There are thieves, crooks and murderers everywhere. Unfortunately, for a long time such criminals have got into the habit of uniting in the so-called groups, which will be discussed below. Outlawed thugs and motorcycle gangs, as well as militant and paramilitary groups, are mentioned if they are involved in criminal activities to obtain funding. However, because their stated purpose and origins are often ideological rather than commercial, they differ from mafia-type groups. In several producing or transit countries, drug traffickers have taken advantage of local corruption and lack of law enforcement to create cartels that generate millions, if not billions of dollars every year. Sometimes, if government enforcement is particularly bad, cartels become quasi-paramilitary organizations.

Are you in Clan Wars? What about Call of Duty? Any other game where you have a clan or team? Online games have exploded in recent years, so there are literally hundreds of games your team can play together and win. Now that you've formed a team, you'll need a cool name to make your team stand out from the crowd! Game servers are full of teams, so if you want to look amazing while playing your favorite game together, you'll need a cool name for your clan, team, or group. If you feel like all the good names are already taken, you may appreciate some inspiration.

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