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Gnome or Gnome. A humanoid creature, characterized by a small growth of the order of 120-135 centimeters, with a dense physique, a disproportionately large head and weighing more than 100 kg. Apparently all gnomes wear beards, perhaps even women. Physically, he is stronger than man and this power is supported by traditional crafts: mining and blacksmithing. Many gnomes also have nicknames given to them for outstanding deeds, deeds or misdeeds, appearance or character traits. In a less formal setting, a nickname can replace a surname: speak Snorri Burning Finger instead of Snorri Bardinson, in memory of the time when a young apprentice absentmindedly hit his finger with a hammer instead of a blank. Dwarves do not choose nicknames, they are assigned to them by their Masters. This is another circumstance that forces the gnome to be attentive in work and behavior - no one wants to live their whole life with an offensive nickname.

The individuality of the gnomes is clearly expressed in their appearance. Male gnomes keep their beards, as opposed to disheveled hair, neatly trimmed, but often combed into several strands, or given a fun pointed shape. Their clothes, usually calm brown tones, are delicately embroidered, embossed, or embroidered with precious stones. A full gnomish name consists of three elements: proper name, surname, and clan name. Gnomish etiquette attributes the use of just such a complex, but, depending on the purpose of pronouncing the name or some formal circumstances, the number of elements that make up the name may vary. Gnomes, like humans, give birth names. Some names may reflect an established tradition.

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