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Goblins, I must say, are cruel, vicious and nasty creatures. They do not know how to do beautiful things, but they do everything villainous perfectly. They are no worse than the dwarves, except for the most skilled, they know how to dig tunnels and mine mines whenever they want, but they themselves are always dirty and unkempt. From a historical point of view, goblins are a kind of fairies, or rather, a small fairy people, which included a wide variety of nature spirits. An amazing fact - goblins, whom we used to perceive exclusively as small henchmen of evil rulers, in fact are direct relatives of miniature girls with butterfly wings, pixie elves living in acorns, unsociable gnomes and even swamp lights.

Goblins are small, selfish creatures with black hearts that live in caves, abandoned mines, ransacked dungeons, and other unsightly places. Weak on their own, goblins gather in large — often myriad — groups. They are greedy for power and often abuse what powers they already have. These creatures appear to us in very different forms - vile green little ones or tall, awkward humanoids, wild tribal people or progressively civilized, stupid, greedy, smelly, but in most cases evil. Goblins are fabulous creatures of the underworld with supernatural powers. The history of these creatures begins in ancient times. They are born together with the Western European myths of France, England, Italy.

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