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From time immemorial, people have embodied ideas about the world and about themselves in the images of gods and heroes. The life, characters and deeds of the gods reflect reality, but not in a mirror, but as if seen through a multifaceted magic crystal of imagination, poetic fantasies, philosophical reflections. The task of this book is simple: to acquaint the reader with the most famous of the gods, who were worshiped in the past, and in part are worshiped today by different tribes and peoples. But solving such a simple problem is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. If you collect all the myths and legends that are composed about the gods, you get dozens of weighty volumes, and the number of deities mentioned will exceed a thousand. And this is only what has survived, escaping oblivion. Much will remain only mentioned, named, but not disclosed and will require conjecture. For centuries, researchers have been collecting, pondering and comparing information about the gods of the past and present, but they rarely succeed in developing convincing and generally accepted opinions.

The topic of deities and names of gods is especially popular and is in incredible demand, although literally ten years ago it was pushed into the background, due to the fact that people stopped believing and became different. However, even now it is rarely affected - mainly in case of a desire to apply for help. All gods and goddesses associated with war, battle, or bloodshed are found in both monotheistic and polytheistic religions. In monotheistic religions, warlike deities are traditionally depicted as commanders-in-chief of troops: for example, the archangel Michael (he is described as the leader, leading God's troops of the sons of light against the sons of darkness). Mortal descendants of a god and a mortal woman, less often a goddess and a mortal man. As a rule, they possessed exceptional (sometimes supernatural) physical abilities, creative talents, sometimes the ability to divination, etc.

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