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Why do you may need a Goliath name

Goliath is the most famous biblical giant, defeated by the future Jewish king David. Giants in mythology, a group of gigantic anthropomorphic creatures belonging to the mythical time of creation (in epic traditions, to the heroic time). Giants (giants, giants, etc.) are huge humanoid creatures with tremendous strength and often opposed to heroes and gods. Like dragons, giants have existed in the mythology of almost all peoples since ancient times, personifying the chthonic forces of nature and chaos.

The giant is a very tall man; a giant, a gigantic animal or plant of very large size, one who stands out among those around him for its value, merits, etc., a fabulous creature, similar to a person, but significantly superior in height and physical strength, and often possessing a fierce disposition. Giants are found in myths of various cultures. Scientists believe that Goliath could have been a real person who grew to enormous size due to disturbances in the functioning of the pituitary gland.

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