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Greece is an amazing country with a rich culture and ancient history. The Greeks came up with many beautiful names that gained popularity outside the territory. The names of foreign origin have penetrated into the modern Greek namebook. In the article, we will consider the history of the formation of Greek names, learn how to choose the right name and study the list of names with designations. In the 20th century, Western European names began to appear, such as Robertos, Eduardos. Greece has its own traditions according to which a name is chosen - the first son gets the name of his paternal grandfather, the second son gets the name of his maternal grandfather. The daughters have the same - the first daughter bears the name of the paternal grandmother, the second - the name of the maternal grandmother. The third child is called an arbitrary name. Interestingly, these traditions are followed quite strictly, so that many of the names of relatives are repeated.

The names in the country are mostly of Greek origin. They are conventionally divided into two groups. The first includes ancient names associated with mythology. The second group includes Greek names taken from the Orthodox calendar. Among the Greeks, you can find the owners of Hebrew and Latin names taken from the Orthodox calendar. In the 20th century, Western European names began to appear. In Greece, there are certain traditions of naming children. Usually the name is given on the 7th day of the baby's life, while the first-borns are given special attention and are named after the maternal or paternal grandparents. It is also customary to name the second and third children after relatives, but here the choice of names is wider.

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