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Half-elves are children born of the marriage of Elves and Humans. In fact, Half-elves are not a separate race. The half-elves borrowed their appearance from their elf parents. They are cute, they took all the good things inherent in both races. They are similar to the rest of the races, being slightly taller than the average height of the elves. They usually live for 160 years. Although they do not possess all the abilities of elves, they still have resistance to sleep and charm spells, and are also good at finding hidden things. Half-elves, like elves, use infravision. Of all the demihuman races, half elves have the widest range of classes. Elves and humans are biologically a related race, otherwise they would not be able to interbreed and produce reproductive offspring.

Perhaps the earliest published half-elf in modern literature is the character of Orion of Lord Dunsani in 1924, The Daughter of the King of Elfland. However, Tolkien made this concept popular. As a result, half-elves have become commonplace in other fantasy fiction and role-playing games. For example, half-elves are featured in Dungeons & Dragons with characters like Tanis Half-elf. In high elf society, incest with another race is discouraged. Few half-elves remain among their kin, the high elves, who treat them with contempt. Although among humans, many do not like half-elves. Many people envy and distrust half-elves' long lifespan as opposed to their own, because of the simple fact that they are different from them. Born of two cultures, but not accepted into either, most half-elves do not share a bleak outlook on their lives. Some of them fight against prejudice in order to win acceptance among the high elves and / or humans, while others reject their heritage and seek their own way.

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