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Half-orc is one of the common races of fantasy, mestizo from a mixture of orcs and humans. They are characteristic in the main game system Dungeons & Dragons, although they are also found in others (for example, in World of Warcraft). Described as tall (6-7 feet in height), inheriting from orc parents greenish skin, protruding jaws with fangs, and abundant body vegetation. Their fangs often grow so long that they protrude from the mouth, and this, combined with a low forehead and slightly pointed ears, makes the half-orc appear bestial. The appearance of a half-orc may be impressive, but few would call them beautiful.

Based on the chronology, the orcs and their varieties ended up in the Misty Mountains by order of Sauron, and only then some of them were persuaded or bribed to serve by Saruman. Half-orcs are treated differently. They are more likely than half-elves to become the objects of ridicule and dislike due to the fragility of the peace between the Horde and the Alliance. The events of the Third War are still fresh in the memory. Many people, like many orcs, have lost loved ones in recent skirmishes. Few will accept a half-orc with open arms, although in big cities they are greeted with less prejudice. It is said about half-orcs that they were not inferior in height to people, and from the orcs they borrowed yellowish skin and slanting eyes. The half-orcs were big and cunning.

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