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Hobbits, or halflings, are small, fur-legged men living in holes, a race invented by John R.R.Tolkien and, like other races of his works, included in the standard fantasy set. For Tolkien, the hobbits were a kind of caricature of the idealistic rural England. By the way of thinking, they are closest to people (in comparison with other races), in Tolkien, in fact, they were a subspecies of people. Also, their thinking and lifestyle were relatively modern (albeit pastoral) when the epic Middle Ages reigned around. Halflings grow no taller than 3 feet. Their broad, tanned feet are covered with thick curly hair on top. The sole is usually coarse, as halflings prefer to walk barefoot. Their skin has a rich almond hue, and their hair color is most often light brown. Their ears are pointed, but in proportions they roughly correspond to human ones.

The halfling is given a first name, last name, and possibly a nickname. Surnames are often nicknames that have stuck so strongly that they have been passed down through the generations. So, there was a hobbit in a hole underground. No, of course, not in a dirty damp hole, but in an ideally landscaped one with a green door, round like a porthole. Initially, halflings were the same creatures as the hobbits: both names were created and used by Tolkien. However, the word hobbit turned out to be protected by copyright, and therefore was assigned exclusively to the inhabitants of Arda; the halflings were not appropriated by anyone and freely settled in the worlds of various authors.

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