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When, in 1990, young J.K. Rowling came up with the story of a young wizard with an unusual scar on his forehead, she had no idea where it would all lead. Later that evening, she sat down at a typewriter and began writing her first book. In one of the interviews, Rowling told an interesting detail: the idea came to her on the train, only that the pen was not at hand, and someone did not have the courage to ask for it because of shyness. So she sat for a long time, pondering and pondering the most insane ideas. However, much of what was originally conceived was not included in the book, which Rowling began writing that evening.

The Harry Potter universe has perhaps the largest fan base in the entire world. J.K. Rowling created a whole magical world that became the basis for the series of films. J.K. Rowling's story will live forever, as new facts and interesting moments are still being discovered. There is at least one train in the wizarding world - the Hogwarts Express, which is pulled by a steam locomotive. There is radio, but no television. Magic brooms are mass-produced, new models are regularly released. The popularity of the Harry Potter universe is such that in any company you can easily find a person who knows all films and books literally by heart. A large army of Potter fans can, without hesitation, name a hundred or two characters of their favorite work, say who has what color eyes, what tree the magic wand is made of, and name a bunch of references and allusions that mere mortals would never pay attention to.

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