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Why do you may need a Hero name

Many computer games give us the opportunity to create our own unique characters, customize their appearance, choose characteristics and, of course, give them a name. Some players quickly come up with a name for a character, while others choose a nickname for their hero for a long time and carefully, with whom they will spend many hours in the game. How do you choose an interesting and memorable name? Is your character a friendly guy or an introverted girl? Then choose a name that perfectly matches the character of your character. Just look for sites that talk in more detail about the meaning of a particular name. But curious, on what basis do you choose names for your heroes? How do you know that they are called that way and not otherwise?

If you find it difficult to choose a nickname for your character in an online game, then our generator of names for heroes will help you. Please note that this is a generator, not a ready-made list of pretty nicknames. Therefore, some options may not correspond to your ideas about the names of fantasy characters, as well as some nicknames may not correspond to the selected gender.

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