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The High Elves were once the greatest and most powerful race in the entire world, and their deeds have changed history. Now their civilization is dying out - long and fierce wars have weakened the once great empire and the people of the High Elves began to die out. Elves have an incredibly long lifespan. Someone even says that Elves are immortal, although, of course, no one can verify this, and the Elves themselves are laconic. All elves are attractive in appearance, but the most beautiful of them are the High Elves. They have pale skin, aesthetically correct facial features and silk-like hair. The high elves are tall with a proud bearing. It is not uncommon for an elf to be a whole head taller than a human.

When the magic word elf is pronounced in the human brain, a picture of infinitely wise and incredibly beautiful creatures is immediately drawn, who know everything, can do everything and understand everything. They will prompt, help, give a magic sword, shoot an arrow in the eye of an orc in five hundred steps, and in general, they will do everything right. High elves in Warhammer Fantasy Battles, or Azur, as they call themselves, are even more complex creatures, and therefore it makes sense to talk about them in detail. Long ago, one aristocratic night elf caste rose above others, and soon they were called the Highborne. The High Elves are the oldest intelligent race of fantasy creatures in games with a variety of universes and settings. The most popular game worlds inhabited by elves are Skyrim, Warhammer and WoW.

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