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Why do you may need an Imperial name

An empire is a complex state formation that unites many peoples, cultures and territories under a single authority. It consists of the metropolis, which determines the policy of the state, and colonies subordinate to the central government. Several states in history have reached the status of the Great Empire. The most famous of these was the Great Roman Empire. Seizing power should be the dream of at least half of aspiring supervillains. However, some more benevolent (which is doubtful) people try to do it in the old-fashioned way: by exploration, colonization, conquest, and sometimes (okay - occasionally) even mutually beneficial policies. Like all creative generators, the service is only trying to give you an idea, which you will have to develop yourself.

Continuous struggle for territorial domination, ownership of resources and endless wars are the basis of human history. Capturing the lands of nearby peoples and entire countries, huge empires appeared in different parts. But the great empires, which liked to call themselves Eternals, appeared on the world map and safely disappeared from it after different times. However, some of the vast empires left behind traces that are still felt in politics and the lives of ordinary people. Their importance is assessed not only and not so much by the area occupied, but by the trail in the history that all these empires left behind. As a trace, scientific, military, artistic and others are meant.

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