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Italian names have a melodic sound, because most of them end in a vowel. Italian law does not allow more than three personal names to be used in official documents. And also banned nicknames that can be considered offensive and unacceptable. It is forbidden to name children by the names of relatives if they are alive. It is unacceptable to use the same names for brothers and sisters. Italian names are considered to be some of the most beautiful in Europe. It used to be that family names were welcome in Italian families. So the son received the name of his paternal grandfather, and the daughter was named after his maternal grandmother. Italians passed on to their children not only surnames, but also the names of their ancestors. Modern parents prefer to give their babies popular names. Among the variety of names, the most common are Giulia, Francesco and Lorenzo.

According to Italian law, the full name must consist of a personal name (prenome) and a family name (cognome): Mario Rossi, Maria Ferrari, Giovanni Agostini. It is forbidden to call the child by the father's name (if the father is alive), to give brothers or sisters the same names, to use the surname as a personal name, to give names with an offensive meaning. Most of the names given to children at birth in Italy are from the names of the saints of the Roman Catholic Church. Often the names of local patron saints are used in some regions more often than in neighboring ones. For example, the names Romolo and Coltraliano are very common in Rome and the surrounding area, but rarely used elsewhere. The secrets associated with the meaning and origin of names at all times excited the minds of ordinary people. Italian male names capture the essence of this hot, passionate people. Mostly the names are very pretty. The meanings after translation into Russian confirm the sincere impulse of the soul, courage and boiling blood of Italian men. The Catholic Church had a great influence on the souls of people. Many babies were named after the saints.

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