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Names and surnames in Star Wars are not just first and last names. In a galaxy far, far away, there are simply a huge number of characters. Especially if you take both feature films and cartoons (which are the most important component of the story, because they more fully reveal the main characters of the saga). The Jedi Order is a religious and philosophical organization in the Star Wars world, uniting beings who own the Force and belong to its Light side. The Jedi are the central characters in the Star Wars world, the most famous works of the cycle, including the canon trilogy, are dedicated to them. Gifted with an unparalleled vivid imagination, George Lucas never had a problem imagining the inhabitants of the Star Wars galaxy. It is densely populated - not overcrowded: Gungans, Corellians, Twi'leks, Imperial cutthroats, Jedi foot soldiers, bounty hunters, droids.

The Jedi are a noble order of defenders of peace and justice in the Galactic Republic, capable of using the Force. At the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, they studied, explored the mysteries of nature, and made plans. The Order was led by a High Council of 12 Jedi Masters who strove to comprehend the very essence of the Force. It took absolute dedication and incredible dedication to become a Jedi, so the laws of the Jedi are extremely clear and immutable. Strong emotional attachment to any Jedi is forbidden. Jedi wear simple robes, the folds of which hide unique equipment during field missions. The hallmark of the Order is lightsabers: elegant, and in the hands of an experienced master and deadly weapons.

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