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Kobolds are brownies and guardian spirits in Germanic-Scandinavian mythology. They are also a special kind of elves (elves), akin to miniatures (gnomes). Kobold brownies were good-natured creatures, but in response to disrespect they could create chaos and disorder in the house. They are usually described as ugly red dwarfs (from the fire in the hearth). Also called kobolds were the guardian spirits of underground riches. They tried to keep people away from minerals. The kobolds themselves, unlike the gnomes, did not mine anything, but they could arrange a landslide, cut the rope, and in general did their best to harm the miners. Kobolds are cowardly reptilian humanoids who worship evil dragons as demigods and serve them as minions and sycophants. Kobolds inhabit dragon lairs when they can, but usually populate dungeons, collecting treasures and trinkets to add to their own tiny hoards.

Kobolds are egg-laying creatures. They ripen quickly and can live for more than a hundred years, becoming a big wyrm in old age. However, many kobolds die before they reach the end of their first decade. Physically weak, they are easy prey for predators. This vulnerability forces them to team up. Outnumbered, they can win a battle against a powerful adversary, albeit often with huge losses. The kobolds were created by the air goddess Taurvi. Most kobolds serve dragons, who are worshiped as their deities. In turn, dragons can influence kobold eggs with magic, raising lunar and solar kobolds from them.

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