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Korean names are of very ancient origins, dating back to 600 BC. e. Until the middle of the 16th century, Koreans used Hancha - Chinese characters in writing. Only then was the Korean alphabet Hangul, which contains 40 letters, was invented. The names of Koreans are short, like all words in the Korean script, and are built on the principle of a syllable. Korean names most often consist of three syllables: the first syllable is the last name, the second and third are the first name. This rule works in most cases, but sometimes there are exceptions: surnames with two syllables and names with one or three syllables. Parents try to choose names for their children that are close and important to them, because they believe that the name can determine fate.

Korean names, as well as traditionally all Asian ones, are written using hancha hieroglyphs, that is, a special Korean script. The name is written in two syllables, containing the first and last name. However, it should be said that in the countries of Korea, writing with the help of hanch is losing its relevance, since Asian countries come to a single standard of hieratic writing. It is noteworthy that in Korea, according to statistics, only less than three hundred surnames are widespread, the most popular are Kim, Lee, Pak. However, the same surnames in South Korea do not necessarily indicate family ties, but rather the geographic affiliation of the clan (clan), or its connection with some historical events. Korean girls, as a rule, do not change their last name when they get married. In this case, the children receive the father's surname.

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